Color of flowers

Each color of the flower is related to certain emotions and moods. It expresses a meaning of relationships.

  • Yellow: A yellow flower is a symbol of happiness, friendship, enthusiasm, luxury, success, pride and treachery. It also represents the jealousy.
  • Red: A red flower is a favorite of youth as it represents an essence of emotions such as love and passion. It is also a symbol of courage, desire, admiration, constancy and respect. A red flower is a token of youth and enthusiasm.
  • Orange: You can represent your strong love, or a satisfaction of attaining the success through an orange flower. It is also a token of desire and enthusiasm. This vibrant color conveys satisfaction, confidence and passion for life.
  • Green: This refreshing color represents resilience, youth, health and good fortune. The green flowers send a message of pleasure, renewal and optimism.
  • White: White color itself is a symbol of peace and purity. If you ask what is the meaning of white color, you will get the answer that it is a token of purity, humility, innocence and silence. It represents the heavenly, pious and sincere feelings. The white blossoms convey an elegance and modesty.

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